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It was the Ambassador's honour to visit Rietberg Museum, Zurich. Together with Shri Mathur, President of the Indian Zurich Association, and his talented two volunteers, Shri Shrirang Mirajkar, tabla enthusiast and Shri Narayanan Chidambaram, Head Consulting Services, ASCOMP - we had a wonderful meeting with Dr. Albert Lutz, Director and Dr. Johannes Beltz, Deputy Director, Head of Collections and Art Education, Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art. Rietberg Museum is set in several villas and even underground, to preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings. Rietberg Museum houses several world-famous collections, and more time needs to be spent to examine the precious collections. The knowledge of Indian art and culture of the Director and Deputy Director rivalled anything in the Embassy’s realm. He gave us some beautiful books on Indian art which we will read and post about. The Indian collection is fabulous and we encourage the Indian community in Switzerland and others to visit the Museum. The Museum also hosts wonderful Indian art, dance and music shows, and there is one tomorrow. The Embassy is resolved to promote this cooperation and partner Rietberg with India’s Museums. We are grateful to Rietberg Museum and its great work. We are also deeply grateful to Shri Mathur (, Shri Mirajkar and Shri Chidambaram for helping the Embassy to promote classical Indian culture in Switzerland. 

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