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On 2nd November, 2016, the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC) and Swissmem, the high-tech Swiss engineering body, hosted a brilliant India Promotion at which there were some excellent presentations on the pros and cons of doing business in India. The general consensus was that India had picked up enormous momentum with the drive to eradicate corruption, digitize the economy, bring the 1.2 billion citizens of India into the formal economy and with all the flagship programs such as Make in India, Smart Cities, Start-up India, Industrial Corridors, Skill India and many other laudable initiatives. There was a frank discussion which resulted in an expression of interest in the growing Indian market. One area that was pointed out where more needed to be done was vocational education and training as high-tech FDI inflows into India need highly skilled personnel to be able to service it. The Embassy is accordingly working on creating an Indo-Swiss Platform bringing together all the entities in Switzerland who are voluntarily doing work in India to set up vocational education and training and import Swiss best practices in this area. This would answer a huge need in India and help service high-tech FDI inflows which India requires.

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