Photo Gallery - Ambassador visited the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Olten, on 14.02.2017.
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Focus India is a flagship project within the bachelor degree program of the University. It is organized by students for students in their final year, through close collaboration with industrial partners. Focus India will be in its 12th consecutive successful year. It includes a 1-week preparatory seminar in Switzerland and a 2 week on-site seminar in India. The program consists of lectures, visits to India and also talks by the Swiss business community to young students. The students are also involved in tackling real life issues and thus get on the job training.

She was invited to give a talk on Digital India which involves bringing 1.2 billion people into the digital economy, greatly formalizing the Indian economy and ensuring transparency and elimination of the black economy.

It also opens up huge vistas for economic growth as outlined by Shri Nandan Nilekani who has been responsible for leading the Aadhaar project (unique identification biometric project) launched by the Government of India. Other aspects such as the contrast between India’s robust economic growth against a backdrop of global stagnation, de-globalisation and de-population were also touched upon.

A lot of interesting questions were asked by the young students on various aspects of India’s development including on the Digital India Program, transparency, the success of the Program and its impact.

Ambassador also had the honour of meeting Prof. Dr. Ruedi Nützi, Director, Prof. Dr. Rolf Schaeren, Deputy Director, Prof. Dr. Guy Ochsenbein, Head of Institutes and Prof. Michael Jeive, Head of SSRCC of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and further opportunities for cooperation were discussed. A key area of interest in India is the Swiss VET system, which is considered as the key to high-tech, balanced growth and full employment. The School's focus on practice-oriented education as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was emphasised by the Director of the School of Business and identified as highly significant. It is also a top priority in India, as stressed by the recent visit to Switzerland of Mr Rajiv Pratap Rudy, the Indian Minister of State Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. It was agreed that the School's expertise in practice-oriented education was of great relevance and use to India in fashioning its vocational education system along Swiss lines. All parties expressed interest in strengthening relations through further cooperation such as the establishment of an indo-Swiss platform on Vocational Education & Training.

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