Photo Gallery - Visit to IMD Lausanne to prepare for 23 March Indo-Swiss Workshop – in Lausanne, Switzerland
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We were privileged to visit IMD Lausanne, which is going to host the launch of the Indo- Swiss Innovation and Investment Forum on March 23, 2017. We are very grateful to Dr. Jean-Francois Manzoni, the President of IMD and also to Professor Charles Dhanaraj, who has made this possible. Dr. Jean-Francois Manzoni was kind enough to sign a copy of his book “The Set-up-to-Fail Syndrome” for the Ambassador. We are also grateful to Prof. Johan Govea for all the help he has given in organising the event. Prof. Jay Narayanan also joined us.

We are expecting investors, potential and existing, big and small companies from India and Switzerland, companies run by the Indian Diaspora and many eminent scientists.

India is a booming market with a stable polity and an energetic government. In a global scenario characterised by uncertainty, India is growing steadily and surely. The issue is how to combine Indian energy and Western technology and this is what we hope to achieve through this workshop. Do register by emailing with full particulars of your interest and qualifications to attend the seminar at the ambassadors email which is on our embassy website.

We were privileged to also meet Professor George Kohlrieser and author of a book “Hostage at the Table”. Professor Kohlrieser is a transformational speaker and we will soon have the privilege of attending his seminar. He was kind enough to sign his book for the ambassador who now has enough reading material to become an expert on many subjects!

We were also privilege to meet several members of the outstanding Faculty and young student community. The Library is also stocked with the best books in management and related subjects and it was an honour to visit it. IMD is amongst the top executive MBA providers in the world, and is emerging as one of the top potential institutes for Indian industry and government. We have attended the lectures and they are of extremely good quality. Currently they are conducting a management module with Mahindra & Mahindra the Indian company.

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