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B-Box: Bee the change For a developing country like India, agriculture is a major source of income and livelihood for large sections of population. With problems like limited land and lack of technology, decline in food productivity has led to decline in income and consequent rise in poverty. The SHEHED Team has come up with a low-cost, technically efficient model to increase agricultural productivity and consequently the income through a more efficient and technically sound method of beekeeping, as bees are the prime pollinators accounting for 70-80% of the total pollination done and providing for 1/3rd of all food on our plates, meeting 90% of all nutritional needs. The dollar value of all the plants pollinated by bees across the globe is around 265 billion dollars. The solar powered modular bee-box with user controlled ambient features through cutting edge technology, increases productivity by up to 220%, not to mention natural honey and bee-wax produce. The capital expenditure done by the farmer on a SHEHED bee-box is easily favored back, with a whopping profit of up to 48%, in addition to the increase in food productivity. By investing a mere 40$ in a single, fully equipped SHEHED bee-box, a farmer can get returns of upto 77$, garnering profit of 48%. The SHEHED Team Sarthak Jain IIT Bombay, India Vanisha Goyal IIT Bombay, India Tejas Gawande IIT Bombay, India Sumedha Syam IIT Bombay, India Somesh Yadav IIT Bombay, India

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