About Us Factsheet -Principality of Liechtenstein

Embassy of India, Bern


Official name of the country              PRINCIPALITY OF LIECHTENSTEIN

Area                                                 160.5 Sq. Kms

Forest Area                                        66 Sq. Kms (41%)

Length                                              24.8 km

Width                                                            12.5 Km

National borders                                76 Kms. - of which 41.2 km are with Switzerland (Canton of St. Gallen 27 km, Canton of Graubünden 14.2 km) and 37 km with Austria (province of Vorarlberg).

Population                                       About 36800 (2012) [including 33.6% foreigners, mainly Swiss, Austrian and German nationals]

Density                                             594 per Sq. mile.

Capital                                              Vaduz

Municipalities                                   11

Languages  Standard German is the official language; the colloquial language is an Alemannic dialect.

Religion  : 75.9% of the population are Roman Catholic and 7.0% are Protestant; 12.5% belong to other religions.

Currency : Swiss Franc 1 = Approx. Rs.64.10 (at Official rate of exchange – August 2013)  

Visa  : Indian nationals require Schengen visa to visit Liechtenstein.

Time : GMT + 1 Hour (4.30 hours behind IST) in winter (October-March), GMT + 2 hours (3.30 hours behind IST) in summer (April-September).

National Day       :      August 15



Type of Government   :  Hereditary Constitutional Monarchy based on Parliamentary basis.


Head of State   :  HSH Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. On 15 August 2004, Prince Hans-Adam II entrusted  Hereditary Prince Alois to exercise his sovereign powers as his representative.

Head of Government  :  Mr. Adrian Haster, Prime Minister

Deputy Head of GovernmentMr. Thomas Zwiefelhofer, Deputy Prime Minister

Minister of Foreign Affairs & Culture :  Dr. Aurelia C.K. Frick

Membership of International  Organisations    United Nations (UN), Council of Europe,       Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), European Free Trade Association (EFTA), European Economic Area (EEA), World Trade Organization (WTO) and Schengen Visa Regime.


GDP                                       :                  CHF 5.3 billion (2010)

GDP per employed person          :            CHF 181780

Unemployment Rate         :                      2.5% (2011)

GNI                                        :                      CHF 4.5 billion

 Global Exports                    :                      US $ 3.92 billion

Global Imports                   :                      US $ 2.59 billion

 India’s Exports (Direct)   :                      CHF 9.965 million (2012)

India’s Imports (Direct)  :                      CHF 38.4 million                                            

Breakdown of economic sector :   Industry and manufacturing trade: 39%; General services: 27%; Financial services: 27%; Agriculture and households: 7%.


Major Export destinations  :   United States, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain