HAL, Bangalore, Tender Nos : E/SM(Pur)4570-21112/EQPT/17(Laser Drilling Machine), E/SM(Pur)4570-21103/EQPT/17/(Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System), E/SM(Pur)4570-21107/EQPT/17(Electron Beam Welding Machine, E/SM(Pur)4570-21111/EQPT/17 (CNC Jig Grinding Machine), E/SM(Pur)4570-11798/EQPT/17/RT/2 ( Precision Lathe) , Last date: 14.12.2017
ONGC, Vadodara, Tender No: B2CRC17010, Color Printer for Well Log Data, Last date 12.12.2017
MTRDC, Bangalore, Tenders ID: 2017_DRDO_264263_1, 2017_DRDO_264297_1, For Medium vacuum Pump controller, MicroVac Ion pump Controller, Last date :05.12.2017
MTRDC, Bengaluru, Tender No: MTRDC/MMG/15274/TE/FP/16-18/MTR-18, Superconducting Wire, Last date: 28.11.2017
MTRDC, Bangalore, No. MTRDC/MMG/16126/TE/FP/2017-2018/MTR-18, For 63.5 mm Corrugated Waveguides and Miter Bends, Last date:21.11.2017
AIIMS, New Delhi, tender No XX-125. 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 145, 146, 148, 149, 151, 153, 154, 157, 158, 159/SO(DO)/SB/2017/-18/FSC-I, Machinery Equipment for New surgical Block, Last dated 16.11.17,20.11.17, 21.11.17
Conference on PPP Model for Waste to Energy Project, 30th November & 1st December 2017, New Delhi
HAL, Lucknow, Tender No: W320/17/ 10-11/1, Cylindrical Grinding Machine and Center Hole Grinding Machine, Last date: 22.11.2017
Upgrading existing Analog/ISDN based telephone connections to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based technology for the Embassy of India, Berne
Notice inviting e-tender no. (NIT- 05/2017-18).GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS
PB, New Delhi, Tender No: 32(2)2017-18EI(P)TV, Procurement of Digital Production Switcher( 3 ME ) , Last date: 13.12.2017
RFQRFP, Dadri, procurement-cum-Maintenance of Electric Locomotives and Depot Works, Last date 18.12.2017
ISP, Maharashtra, Tender No: 145ICB/SY-21-01(HSSM)/2017, For manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, testing and training of (i) Medium level security shredding machine :01 No and (ii) High level security shredding machine:01 No, Last Date: 28.11.2017
MTRDC, Bangalore, Tenders No:MTRDC/MMG/16148/TE/FP/2017-18/MTR-20(R)(b),X-band SSPA , MTRDC/MMG/16155/TE/FP/2017-18/MTR-20(R)(b) ,SST 304 Sheet, Last date: 28.11.2017
ONGC, Gujarat, No. BDA/MM/BASIN/IMP/CAP/38/2017-18 , EP Lubricity Tester, Last date: 24.11.2017
ONGC, Vadodara, Tender No: B2CRC17008, Sputter Coater, Last date: 04.12.17 and Tender No: B2CRC17009 (i) Description: Source Rock Pyrolyser, Last date: 05.12.17
GCF, Jabalpur, Tender No: GCF/EO/1151/TE/R, for Supply of Machinery/Equipments to GCF, Last date: 17.11.2017
CSIR-CECRI, Tamil Nadu , Tender no: CECRI / 2017 / 22705 , CNC WIRE EDM MACHINE and accessories, Last date: 16.11.2017
PB, New Delhi, E-Tender NIT-032017- 18,( 4 Tenders included with 4 types of Description ), Delivery time states in PDF
DRDL ,Hyderabad, Tender No DRDL3358P170113,Multiport Electronic Pressure Scanning System